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Together with us, make a positive impact on:

• Self-Development
• Self-Care
• Self-Exploration

Current project

YouMe Tarot encourages you to tune into the mindfulness of the present moment using Tarot decks. Enjoy Tarot reading as a part of your self-care practice; an essential to functioning in our busy world. 

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We offer wider inspiration by demonstrating that we can look good while doing good – combining prosperity with care for people and the planet.


4649.REC is a sustainable fashion brand and pop-up upcycling hub to give old clothes a new life.

We creatively repurpose vintage kimonos passed down through a Japanese family into modern attire, strengthening family relationships, cultivating conversations, promoting deeper understanding and trust, and adding value to their cultural and societal heritage.

With our diverse, inclusive worldview, we help members of niche global subcultures unlock their creative and economic potential.


Yoroshiku 4649 is a playful Japanese street wear brand based in London. The brand manufactures locally and works with creatives worldwide – contributing to the local economy and spreading love to the global community at the same time.

4649 merges the bold personality of hip hop with a cool streak of Zen and a playful dash of manga and kawaii, attracting attention from the lovers of both subcultures worldwide.

We are trained in MHFA (mental health first aid) in the UK and give back a percentage of proceeds to the mental health charity Mind. Logo