Yoroshiku 4649


MYOM (Make Your Own Mask), is a DIY face mask kit and online workshops launched by the playful street wear brand Yoroshiku 4649, in response to the growing popularity of their camouflage face masks soon after the lockdown took effect worldwide.

The DIY kit includes the reclaimed fabric and trimming from the brand’s London studio to give you what you need to create your own face mask. The online Zoom workshops have been running in partnership with LDC to engage with self-isolated creatives worldwide.

The brand is also distributing free face mask patterns online for you to download – so you can upcycle your own fabric and trimmings laying around in your house.

Now more than ever, we are all compelled to be mindful of the effect we cause to mother nature and each other. This has been the core ethos of YM² and the great response and feedback for our upcycling clothing brand 4649.REC earlier in the year further assured us to pursue this cause in the ever-changing world.

Respecting others with social distancing can be done in style and our hope is to help you to become more self-reliant (which is the lesson we are all learning right now all over the world), while having fun being creative.

Stay safe, strong and beautiful x